Preventing the Spread of Bedbugs

There are two types of bedbugs-one that prefers cooler climates of North America and Europe and a tropical one that inhabits Africa, Asia and South America. This means that practically each household in the world is prone to these pesky, irritating crawlies. Bedbugs are thoroughly opportunistic as they sneak into our homes through our luggage or contact with something carrying them and it is very hard to remove bed bugs. 

It only takes a night in an infested motel for the critter to get transferred into your home and bed. Though they access our homes so easily, it is truly difficult to eliminate them from the dark corners and crevices they like to inhabit. You may be able to catch the big bugs but poor you, for it is extremely hard to snag larvae and eggs measuring a mere quarter inch. The real secret to killing the bedbugs menace is preventing them from reaching your house through the following steps;

Since most bedbugs hide in our luggage while we travel, never leave your luggage open or near walls or furniture in your hotel room. If you know that the room is already infested, avoid sleeping there but if you have no choice, do not remove your luggage from the car as the bugs like staying close to their sleeping host. Some experts advise home owners to keep their luggage in the bathroom rather than the bedroom where bedbugs can easily reach it.

Pack your luggage and essentials in plastic bags to prevent them from attaching to it and laying their eggs. If possible alert the hotel or apartment’s management so that they can take care of the situation and make proper arrangements for your accommodation. Do not take matters into your own hands unless it is your private property because spraying for example might cause problems for other residents with allergies.

After traveling, you can avoid spread of the bugs by closely inspecting your luggage and brushing it before laundering in super hot water that will kill all the larvae and eggs. Keep clean clothes in clean, sealed bags and store away from furniture.

Items that are already infested need to be discarded but never leave them near trashcans as unsuspecting people may pick them up, leading to further spread of the bed bugs.

While it is important to handle bedbugs the moment you notice hem, never put insecticide on yourself but rather, brush your clothing to remove them before they can bite.

Avoid spreading bedbugs into your workplace or car by removing shoes and storing them in a zip lock bag before entering the office or car. This will prevent continual spread to other people who contact you and your items. It is possible to use bedbug resistant detergent or wear bedbug free clothing when outside the home.

Bedbug infestation is a huge menace but if you know how to prevent the spread then relief will definitely come around. Just remember to take measures that prevent bedbugs from attaching to you or your luggage while you travel or run errands.