How To Take action Against Bedbug Bites

The mention of bedbugs creates the impression of a bed in a dirty room that ends up being infested with the pests. However, the truth is that bedbugs can strike anywhere including in relatively clean households. The reason this is possible is because the pests live in furniture, clothes and in many other household items.

It may take just a weekend trip for your clothes and bedding materials to be infested with bedbugs. Once they get a chance to lay eggs, they are likely to multiply in a short while and by the time one gets to realize what is going on, they will have a big problem on their hands. The first signs that there are bedbugs in the house will be when one discovers bedbug bites on their skin. With the bedbugs having multiplied, the first worry will be how to treat bedbugs bites, while the second concern will be how to get rid of bedbugs.

How to treat bedbugs bites 

When bedbugs strike and bite a person’s skin, one usually notices red and itchy welts on their skin in the morning. In many instances, these bites appear in a zigzag pattern. Many people at first mistake them for mosquito bites or just an ordinary skin infection. It is only after they persist that many people are compelled to investigate the cause of the bite marks.

Once a person has confirmed that indeed they have bedbug bites, they may choose to treat the bites at home or visit a dermatologist depending on the severity of the bites. A visit to a doctor may be necessary if one develops an allergic reaction to the bites which will leave the skin appearing red and bumpy. In case the bites cause blisters, it may be necessary to see a doctor for treatment to prevent an infection. In severe cases when the skin is infected, the wounds will produce pus and the skin will be very sensitive.

When one visits a doctor, they are likely to get a prescription for anti-histamines for taking care of the allergic reaction. If the bites have an infection, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection. In addition, the doctor will prescribe antiseptic creams to assist in treating the bites.

In the event that the bedbugs bites are not severe, they can be treated at home by washing the affected areas and applying a mild antiseptic product. One can also purchase a corticosteroid cream from any chemist around their area. This product will treat the bites while reducing the inflammation.

How to get rid of bedbugs 

Once a person has discovered that they are suffering from bedbugs bites, they should immediately change all the bedding materials including the mattress. They should then purchase a strong bedbug eliminating product and clean everything before applying the product. It is known that bedbugs hide in cracks and other hard to reach areas.

One should therefore use a solution that will penetrate all areas including the joints on the bed. All items in the affected rooms should be thoroughly cleaned, dried and disinfected before being returned to the house. Getting rid of bedbugs may require more than one treatment course and one has no option but to do everything to ensure they get rid of the pests.