How to Prevent Bedbugs While Traveling

Bed bugs are difficult to get rid of, but many people bring them home or contract their painful bites while traveling. Although it does take a little more time and effort, it is certainly possible to prevent bedbugs while traveling. To keep these pests at bay, follow this advice and reduce the risk.  

Read Reviews (Cautiously)

When staying in a hotel or resort while traveling, it’s almost impossible to know whether the location has bedbugs. However, customer reviews are one of the best ways to spot warning signs. Read through the reviews and take note of what customers say about their stay there. Keep in mind that one person saying the hotel has bedbugs may not actually mean that it does. However, if there are two or more reports of bedbugs at the hotel, then it’s probably best to choose somewhere else.

Call the Resort 

Although the resort or hotel will not actually tell travelers that they have bedbugs, potential visitors can find out a little more by calling the location and asking about their bedbug contingency plan. What is their strategy to eradicate bedbugs if they appear at the hotel? A good quality hotel that keeps track of potential pests will have a plan in place and be able to outlinen it to concerned visitors. If they have no plan or don’t seem to think that bedbugs are a concern, then it may be best to look for another place to stay.

Look at the Bed 

Upon arriving at the hotel, place luggage in the bathroom and check the bed for bedbugs. By putting the luggage in the bathroom, there’s a decreased chance that the pests will spread to personal belongings so take this precaution. While probably the best way to check for bedbugs is by using a black light, it’s usually possible to see bedbugs or signs of them with a careful and thorough examination of the bed. Pull back the covers and look for brown dust which be a sign that they’re present. They’re very difficult to see with the naked eye but they have this tell-tale sign.

Pitch a Tent 

Although the advice mentioned above can help travelers avoid bedbugs, there still is a certain amout of risk involved when staying in a hotel or resort. For those that may be staying in an area where bedbugs are common, consider non-traditional sleeping arrangements. For example, staying in a campsite is almost certainly a bedbug free option and can be a good way to save on hotel costs as well. If this is not a desirable option, a camper is also a good idea.

Bedbugs offer travelers a serious problem and should be treated with caution. While it may not be possible to avoid these pests completely, use these steps to reduce the risk of bedbugs while traveling. Most hotels now, especially high-end ones, are vigilant about these pests and treat their rooms with vigilance to avoid the pests. So, when all else fails, stay at a good quality hotel which meets the criteria mentioned above.