How to Keep Your House Bed Bugs Free

Owing to their small size, bed bugs may make their way through any cranny into your house. Your visitors may also bring them on their clothes. As a result, a bed bug infestation may end up creating a nuisance that is often difficult and expensive to eradicate. Therefore, understanding how to keep your house bed bugs free is an important step in maintaining a comfortable living environment. Hereunder is an informative guide to rid you off these annoying critters provided by our professional bed bug control specialist Tom.


Maintaining a clean home is an integral step in preventing bugs from taking over your household. As such, frequently vacuum surfaces, especially those that can harbor bugs such as mattresses and furniture. Moreover, ensuring that your household is free from clutter minimizes the breeding ground for bedbugs thus acting as a control mechanism. Additionally, sealing the crannies in the house such as around electrical wiring can prevent bed bugs from sneaking into your house.

Handling Luggage

Hotel rooms harbor bugs due to the number and variety of people that use their facilities. Therefore, frequent travelers should take adequate precautions to prevent bugs from clinging onto their clothes or bags, which would then end up in their houses. These precautions include placing suitcases on elevated surfaces to avoid bugs that may be hiding on carpets. Also consider a thorough clean up of all of the clothes you took for a trip once you get home. Thereafter, running the clothes in a dryer would eliminate the risk of transferring bed bugs into a house.

Dealing with Pets

Pet lovers should take care to ensure that their pups and cats do not transfer bedbugs into your house. Further, the mobility of pets into various parts of the house can cause a transfer of bugs into virtually the entire house. Ensure that you understand how to check for bugs on your pets’ beddings or signs of bites on them, which would indicate a possible infestation. Once it is apparent that they may have bugs, sanitize their bedding and in case of dogs, their kennels using heat. This would prevent the spread of bugs in the house.

Evidently, dealing with bed bugs requires painstaking attention to avoid a possible infestation. Ensuring that you maintain high levels of sanitation, properly handling luggage such as bags, and eliminating harborage areas can safeguard your house against bed bugs. You may also need to use the services of pest control firms in case of an infestation.

In conclusion, bed bugs are a menace that should be addressed to avoid an infested house. This guide provides an informative starting point for keeping your house bed bugs free so that you can continue living comfortably. By applying these guidelines, your house will ultimately be free from troublesome vermin.