Five Top Things You Need To Know About Bedbugs

Bedbugs are becoming one of the foremost pest control problems. With huge colonies able to reproduce quickly and the fact that they can be difficult to spot with the naked eye, bedbugs are difficult to identify and eradicate. Since more people are finding themselves or people they know exposed to these pests, it is important to have knowledge of the most important facts about them. We will take a close look at the five things that everyone needs to know about bedbugs.

1. Even The Cleanest Living Areas Can Have Bedbugs

A common myth that is attached to bedbug infestations is that they tend to favor areas that are dirty. While they have been commonly associated with unkempt homes and poverty conditions, anyone’s home can be a breeding ground for bedbugs. Bedbugs tend to look for warmth and favorable survival conditions, which leads them to inhabited areas. That being said, by cleaning your home and areas that could be potential breeding grounds, you can reduce the chances that an infestation will take root in your home.

2. Bedbugs Have Not Been Shown To Transmit Disease

Unlike other bugs like mosquitoes, there are no proven cases where a bedbug has transmitted a disease to a human being. Although they do directly interact with blood while feeding, they have not shown any capacity to carry or transmit diseases that would harm you. However, when people find out that they have a bedbug infestation, they often worry so much that they can suffer from adverse effects such as sleep deprivation and increased stress.

3. They Are Very Difficult To Kill

One of the most alarming aspects of bedbugs is that they are so hard to kill. Since they have the tendency to avoid chemical traps that would kill other insects, it makes extermination difficult. Also, their tiny bodies give them the ability to make a home in very small cracks and spaces that protect them. With the help of the right product or professionals, though, they can be killed. Aside from chemicals, the next most effective means of killing bedbugs is with heat, like throwing linens in a dryer.

4. Not Everyone Reacts To Bites

A problem that most people have when it comes to diagnosing their bedbug problem is that not every member of the house is showing an inflamed area from the bite. This may result in you thinking that you were bitten somewhere other than your own home, which can delay your extermination attempts and lead to other problems. The fact is that some people’s skin does not react to the bites, meaning they will not have red, raised areas where they were bitten while others in the same household may. Also, bites can look differently on some than they do on others, with some bites resembling mosquitoes and others appearing like a rash.

5. Bed Bugs Are Making A Big Comeback In North America

With the pesticide DDT now banned, and an increase in the travel abilities to areas where they were still thriving, bedbugs have made a spectacular comeback in North America. They were becoming increasing rare up until the last five years, when their numbers started to boom once again. Pesticide companies, exterminators, and home owners alike are finding new ways to prevent and eradicate these difficult bugs, but it appears as though they are here to stay for the time being.